When men push women over the literal edge.

Hakan and Semra Aysal — from The Mirror

The Death of Semra Aysal

Hakan Aysal and his wife Semra look a picture of happiness as they sit above Butterfly Valley, a popular beauty spot in Turkey. Semra is 7 months pregnant and cradles her bump in a heart-warming photo of the couple. …

Sometimes what you see isn’t always the truth.

white SUV under night sky with flashes of lightning
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High functioning anxiety is not something that doctors diagnose — there is little research into this particular branch of anxiety. However, people with high functioning anxiety would describe themselves are having anxiety, but functioning well in their day to day lives.

I am in this camp. I have anxiety, but…

And I still haven’t thrown it away.

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In the summer of 2019, I was on a road trip around California and Nevada. While spending a few days in Vegas might be repulsive to some, for me it was a trip down memory lane as I got married there.

It was incredibly warm and even the overly expensive…

A male hand holds up an ice cream cone which has a white cloud in place of ice cream
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I went into teaching with the best intentions. I love writing and I adore reading. I am my happiest when sat with a good book, or when discussing a good book, or writing a book. I love English. …

Being in comfortable and inspiring surroundings is key in getting ahead

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When it comes to writing, it can be hard sometimes to turn on that creative flow and get going. There are plethora things which cause you to procrastinate and ultimately give in. Writing is an art and a craft, and it’s one of patience, effort and continuous development.

There are…

Did living in a shadow turn someone to murder?

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Steven Stayner, Boy Missing

On December 4, 1972, a man approached 7-year-old Steven Stayner on a street corner. He told Steven that he was a minister and needed to drive Steven home to collect a donation from his mother.

That man was Ervin Murphy, accomplice to Kenneth Parnell, a paedophile with a previous conviction…

Hold on, before you accuse someone of laziness, take a look at what else could be going on.

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They struggle to get out of bed

At first glance this could appear to be a super lazy thing to do. It’s easy to associate being in bed for a long time as lazy. But, for someone with depression, the battle to get out of bed is more to do with fatigue.

Don’t underestimate mental fatigue.


When we’re young we may make these mistakes which ultimately we come to regret.

a person stands in front of a stone building wearing a purple hooded jacket with the words “no longer lost” on it
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Undoubtedly as you grow older you learn things that you wish you had known sooner. Oh! The time we could have saved if we knew these things. The heartaches we could have avoided. The happiness we could have found.

When I was in my 20s I felt invincible, but I…

the view of a hole in a cave filled with water
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It was some idle Monday in 2020 when an email dropped into my inbox. “Everyone must go home immediately.” Do not pass go. Do not collect your $200. Just kidding. But not about the going home part.

Coronavirus had arrived, and so our work finished. I was lucky enough to…


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